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How to run Midnight Club 2 on Vista and Windows 7 (Patch)

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

UPDATE Feb 18, 2011 : The patch is no longer needed when using the latest Steam’s EXE, but for  retail you will have to patch it manually with the HEX editor: replace (CTRL+R) the HEX String “00 6A 21 00″ with “00 00 00 00″.

Last friday I purchased the Rockstar Complete Pack from Steam because I couldn’t resist the 50% off offer, and everything was fine until I tried to play Manhunt or Midnight Club 2.

It dindn’t occur to me to check if all the games were compatible for Windows Vista before purchasing, so I had to find a solution to the them run without crashing.

I found a great patch for Manhunt that can be found here, but I still had the problem with MC2.

People suggested to disable DEP (Data Execution Prevention) to make it run, because the problem is that DEP blocks the game from running, but I didn’t like the idea of disabling it just to play a game, so I went out to find a better way.