How to fix the “scrolling bars” problem (PS3)

I have seen some people worried with their PS3 because they experience a very annoying problem that consist in big bars scrolling through their CRT television screen when they have connected the PS3 to the TV using analog video cables like the Scart. I have experienced this problem myself and the solution can be quite simple.

This problem is caused because Sony decided to include a Power Cord with ground (if you check your other Video equipment you will see that they all use ungrounded connectors), and this causes a ground variance with the ground present in the Antenna socket connected to the TV (to receive the analog television) that results in the annoying scrolling bars (normally they move horizontally).

The solution would be as easy as disconnecting the Antenna Socket when you want to play with your PS3 or using an ungrounded Power Strip to connect your PS3.

It’s worth noting that this problem is unlikely to occur when using a HDTV connected with a HDMI cable, but if you are experiencing it when using one, it’s worth trying the solution just in case.

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