How to Never forget a Password

If you aren’t already using RoboForm, you should know how hard is to keep track of all the passwords of all the web sites you are registered in, and when you need a strong password, you have to write it down somewhere unprotected, but now is a good time to change all that.

I’ve been using RoboForm Pro for 1079 days, and since day one, all I had to do was remember a strong master password and RoboForm would save and encrypt everything for me and I never had to worry again about forgetting a password or about password theft.

But not only that, RoboForm has a password generator that you can use to enter in the sign-up forms when you are registering, and then, when you click register, RoboForm will ask you if you want to save the login information, so you will never have to worry about every password, and will be secure against fake web sites, because RoboForm remembers the URL of the website when you save a login, and it only shows the “fill login” button in the right site, not in the fakes.

Of course RoboForm will ask you to save any login you don’t have already stored, so after the installation the process is completely hassle free.

You can also store your personal details including credit card information, so you never have to type those again, and you can have the confidence,  that no one will be able to hack your encrypted information.

As a bonus, RoboForm can save any text and encrypt it in the same way as the rest, so you can use it to store CD-Keys like I do, or anything else you want to be secure. And if you are scared about key loggers, it includes a virtual keyboard that you can use to type your master password without risk.

If RoboForm has managed to catch your attention, you can download it for free here. You can see the difference between Free and Pro here and if you want the Pro version, you can buy it for just 29,95$.

There’s also a portable version called Roboform2Go that only resides in a USB memory stick and it automatically attaches itself to the web browser when you plug-it in the USB, without copying any file to the PC, very useful when you work in different computers and still want to use strong passwords without memorizing them. You can download it for free here and now there’s a good offer that let’s you buy it for just 19,95$ (20$ off)

I know this could sound like publicity, but trust me, try it for free and you will love it just like I do. The only bad thing is that I can’t use RoboForm on Linux, it only works on Windows.

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