The best Media Player for Windows

The other day I was searching for the best program to rip my Invaders Must Die CD to FLAC, and luckily I stumbled with Media Monkey.  For me it’s the best “All in One” Media Player and ripper program you can find, and if you are looking for one, just try it. Just friendly advice :).

Here are my highlights:

It can rip your CDs to MP3, M4A, OGG, WMA and FLAC  (if you want to rip to MP3 using the free version you will have to download the  free LAME Encoder).

It can convert music between formats.

For playing music it’s much faster than Windows Media Player 11.

The library is very good and includes quick search like WMP11, very useful.

Works beautifully on Vista 64.

I like it so much that i though I should post it here.

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