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How to fix Spore artifacts on ATI

Monday, April 20th, 2009

I have Windows Vista 64 with an ATI card and when I started playing Spore everything was working great until I reached the Creature Stage, in which I suffered massive graphical artifacts or texture corruption.

I was going crazy because it was unplayable and I thought my graphics card was faulty, but luckily I found the solution.

NOTE: This fixed the corruption in Mirror’s Edge too


How to Run Crysis 64 when ordered from EADM

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

If you ordered Crysis online from the EA Store and tried to run it using the 64 executable, surely you you were as perplexed as I were when I got a message asking for the DVD to be inserted in the drive.

A really big problem for a game purchased and downloaded from the internet, but luckily, after around a year since I downloaded it from the EA Download Manager I found the solution to run the game using the 64 bit executable.

To fix the “Insert DVD” problem just go to your Crysis directory and copy the files “GL.ini” and “paul.dll” from the folder  Bin32 and paste them in the folder named Bin64. Voila, now it loads.

How to run Midnight Club 2 on Vista and Windows 7 (Patch)

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

UPDATE Feb 18, 2011 : The patch is no longer needed when using the latest Steam’s EXE, but for  retail you will have to patch it manually with the HEX editor: replace (CTRL+R) the HEX String “00 6A 21 00″ with “00 00 00 00″.

Last friday I purchased the Rockstar Complete Pack from Steam because I couldn’t resist the 50% off offer, and everything was fine until I tried to play Manhunt or Midnight Club 2.

It dindn’t occur to me to check if all the games were compatible for Windows Vista before purchasing, so I had to find a solution to the them run without crashing.

I found a great patch for Manhunt that can be found here, but I still had the problem with MC2.

People suggested to disable DEP (Data Execution Prevention) to make it run, because the problem is that DEP blocks the game from running, but I didn’t like the idea of disabling it just to play a game, so I went out to find a better way.


Lets talk about the PS3’s Orange Box (HL2)

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

I have been a Half-Life fan since it’s release. I have all the games and expansions on PC, but because they updated the original Half-Live 2 to the latest Source Engine that includes dynamic shadows and HDR Lighting I wanted to play it on my PS3 too.

Before it’s release, there were a lot of negative comments that said that the game was totally unplayable, and even we were presented with some videos as proof, but the truth is that it’s not near that bad.

These are my impressions after more than 10 hours of play.